PartsEye is a unique blend of today's Service Parts Planning technologies with real time communication between retail parts managers and PartsEye expert inventory planners. We provide world class leadership in parts inventory management and operations solutions. Our service will create the optimal mix of replacement parts available when needed at the right retail locations while reducing inventory costs, eliminating excessive returns, and promoting positive growth throughout the parts distribution channels.


PartsEye "WORKS"

- “It keeps inventory current and wide“
- “Win-win for the dealership and the customers“
- “Our same day fill rate has risen 5% to 97%“
- “Off-shelf fill has risen 20%“
- “Obsolescence has been reduced to 2%“

PartsEye Support

- “Training for the program was easy. Support has been great“
- “PartsEye planners are easy to get hold of, extremely knowledgeable and their ordering system adapts to my needs“

PartsEye is Easy to Install

- “Initial setup took literally minutes“
- “It took 20 minutes to have the system explained“
- “Easy to use, great system“

PartsEye Testimonials

Dawn Becker
National Manager, Parts Liaison
Kia Motors America, Inc.:

“KMA would like to recognize the SmartCo PartsEye team for the significant role you have in our organization. Your day-to-day activities have a positive impact on Kia vehicle owners by ensuring appropriate Kia dealer on-hand parts inventory in advance of customer repair need and by providing guidance to Kia dealer personnel on a wide range of parts-related issues. Your support accelerates getting the customer's vehicle repaired and back on the road. Every discussion, interaction and challenge we have with our customers (dealers) is an opportunity to improve the way we do business, and SmartCo consistently demonstrates a high standard for customer service and continuous improvement.”

Gunnar Heuberger
Past Chairman, Subaru National Dealer Advisory Board
Heuberger Motors, Colorado Springs, CO:

“I must admit that I was not a believer at first that PartsEye could do much for my dealership. I had a knowledgeable parts manager and a clean inventory; the numbers looked like we were already doing a great job. But now I’m sold on PartsEye. PartsEye has taken my great parts manager and turned her into one of the best! We have expanded our parts number coverage and have made my technicians more efficient. But the best thing is that we can satisfy customers the first time without having them come back to complete repairs. And satisfied customers mean more of them come back, and also refer their friends to us, to buy more cars. Thanks PartsEye for helping me.”

Brian McBride, McBride
Chevrolet Subaru, Plattsburgh, NY:

“I don’t know how we managed our inventory before PartsEye. Not only is the day-to-day process simple to use, but it provides great results. I have been able to reduce my obsolescence from 30% to 0 in less than one year. PartsEye has made a substantial positive impact on my business and on my capital investment. I feel like I hired an industry expert as my Parts Manager and I did so for only pennies a day. My only regret is that PartsEye wasn’t around 5 years ago!”

Dave Shapiro,
DiFeo Auto Group, Jersey City, NJ:

“I’m a small Subaru store; we mostly sell GM products, so I’m very familiar with the GM RIM program. PartsEye is nothing like GM RIM. PartsEye is streamlined and simplified. Everything can be seen on one screen without the need to jump back and forth between RIM and our in-house DMS. There’s no need to printout information to find data you’re looking for in PartsEye, like a part’s sales history for the past year. And unlike GM RIM, the stocking criteria in PartsEye are individualized for my store. It’s too bad GM doesn’t use PartsEye instead of its RIM program.”

Matt Huyter, Cascade Autocenter, Wenatchee, WA
“After going on PartsEye, I let the system phase in new part numbers without questioning why they were being added to my suggested stock order. Since then, there have been several times after a tech diagnosed a car that the service department has sent a customer away, rescheduling them for another day, thinking a part needed to be special ordered like it was in the past. But when the tech came to the parts department to order the part, it actually was on our shelf already and the tech was surprised that we were stocking the item. The most important thing to understand about PartsEye is that parts managers need to let the system do what it does without their overanalyzing. They should run their department and let PartsEye take over the stock order planning. It really works extremely well.”

Nick Losacco, North Shore Subaru, Highland Park, IL
“I really like the speed and accuracy of PartsEye. I can complete my stock order in minutes and PartsEye puts everything I want to know right in front of me. The website pages are laid out by people who really understand the parts business and know what a parts manger wants to see. My fill rate has increased 10% with Parts-Eye, so our techs are busy and working which makes them happy and leaves a few more strands of hair on my head! It’s definitely worth the money since it pays for itself by keeping my inventory clean and properly stocked. I’m so happy with PartsEye that I now use it to manage both my Nissan and Subaru parts inventories, and I’ll be adding Volkswagen next.”

Brian McKinney, #1 Cochran Automotive, Monroeville, PA
“PartsEye’s stock order is so user-friendly that it’s the simplest interface I’ve ever seen. And their reporting pages maximize the benefits I receive from my factory’s parts programs by identifying which parts are candidates to return and that helps me keep my inventory clean. I never have to call the folks at PartsEye; one of their Planners always seems to call me even before I recognize that there is an issue that needs to be resolved. PartsEye worked very well in our situation with new ownership and a small location and fit our business model perfectly! I’m thrilled that we now have two of our franchises using PartsEye and look forward to having it expand to include even more.”

Keith Biehn, Rainier Automotive Group, Kirkland, WA
“At first I thought that PartsEye would benefit only a smaller parts department by helping it make smarter purchasing decisions. But much to my surprise, PartsEye has helped my well-run, large department in every area of our operations. The inventory planning is easily tailored by PartsEye’s Planners to meet the needs of each individual dealership, and the Planners not only help me hit my quarterly objectives with the factory but they help me decide which excess purchases make sense based on my store’s true projected needs. Their customer service level is excellent; the Planners are always available to answer my calls no matter what the hour. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take advantage of all that PartsEye provides.”