SmartCo Consulting and Training

SCT works with many of the major manufacturers, dealer groups and individual dealerships. Our fixed operations workshops are updated regularly to reflect the most current trends and most efficient and effective systems and processes. SCT’s custom in-dealership training enables dealerships to implement effective systems and processes that are designed to drive increased productivity, sales, profits and owner retention. Our InSight™ Performance Reports combine both financial and operational data in order to track and trend Key Performance Indicators to identify areas of opportunity for improvement. SCT Performance Groups allow managers the opportunity to meet on a regular basis to share information, broaden their fixed operations knowledge and expertise and formulate action plans that will take the performance of their departments to the next level.

Retail Fixed Operations Processes
SCT does not believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Every dealership is different, and therefore, requires its own systems and processes to maximize efforts. SCT assists our clients with developing the most efficient and effective processes possible based on their individual needs. Our approach is a team effort with maximum results as goal #1.

Key Benefits
Efficient fixed operations can lead to a more productive Service Department, increased sales, profits and CSI. Expenses are minimized along with personnel requirements when fixed operations assets are utilized properly. Ultimately, we assist the fixed operations to be able to do more with fewer resources. This leads to increased profitability on the bottom line.

SCT’s consultants possess decades of retail and wholesale experience. It is our experience that makes us the best choice for in-dealership training, facilitating workshops, monitoring fixed operations KPIs and leading Performance Groups.

Business Process and Program Design
SCT has developed custom workshops and in-dealership training programs for many manufacturers. Our IT resources give us the ability to custom design software and quickly make changes to our programs to suit particular needs.

Productivity Efforts
Maximizing fixed operations productivity is SCT’s primary goal with every product offered. Only by maximizing productivity and efficiency can a dealership’s fixed operations further improve sales and profits. And a more productive and efficient fixed operations leads to happier customers that come back to the dealership and purchase additional vehicles.