How do you consistently provide the right service parts at the right time and the right place?  By collecting all available demand data and viewing it from a global perspective.  PartsEye allows the front line experiences of the retail dealer to be combined with the global visibility of the entire dealer network.

Key Benefits

• Lower inventory investment
• Higher repair order fill rates
• Lower return levels
• Less parts obsolescence
• Optimize dealer service parts inventories based on actual dealer demand
• Provides consistent business process regardless of changes in personnel, management systems, or other outside
causal factors.

Utilizing PartsEye, both Manufacturers and Dealers can gain increased sales, better Return On Investment, and improved customer satisfaction.
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Download Data from disparate Dealer Management Systems
PartsEye works with most DMS systems to collect data and prepare a optimized inventory plan.

Increased out of stock fill rate with reduced inventory investment
By optimizing dealer stock levels based on lead times, PartsEye is able to plan for higher part number coverage yet reduce depth without danger of stock outs.

Better parts processes resulting from data management  
PartsEye planners work with dealer managers to keep data clean and correct resulting in improvements in dealer process as well as parts inventory mix.

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