Used by over 3,500 dealers around the world

PartsEye can take your idle cash off of your parts shelves and put it back in your pocket!

PartsEye is a unique, innovative web based inventory planning and management system. It is an outsourced service that assists the parts manager in their daily work resulting in:

• Decreased Obsolescence
• Reduced Inventory Costs
• Diminished Lost Sales
• Better Parts Inventory ROI
• Increased Technician Productivity
• Improved Customer Satisfaction

PartsEye works for dealers of all sizes by providing optimized parts inventory levels based on each dealer’s individual criteria. By providing suggested stock orders based on sales history, demand analysis and the SmartCast forecasting tool, PartsEye quickly optimizes the parts inventory to maximize order fill at the lowest possible cost. It integrates with most existing Dealership Management Systems and is very easy to use.

PartsEye is the market leader in web based Dealership Inventory Planning providing a solution that can be used in diverse industries including:

• Automotive
• Truck
• Motorcycle
• Marine
• Outdoor Power Equipment
• Small Engine
• Industrial Vehicles
• Recreational Vehicles

The PartsEye inventory planning and management system provides high return on investment by increasing parts availability, decreasing lost sales while typically reducing inventory investment.

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